Trap Tunesday…

Yes, this is yet another day of the week we are attaching a playlist to…you’re welcome.
But who doesn’t like Trap??

(that’s a serious question btw)

Not gonna lie, I think everyone is getting a little sick of your run-of-the-mill “trap” songs that are sadly blasted by anyone who is stoked on NGHTMRE (who is basically the next generations’ RL tbh)

So we went ahead and procured a little playlist that’s sure to get your squad #turnt on a Tuesday. Just listen to the first track by william crooks… 🔥 trust us, this isn’t your sister’s trap playlist.

We recommend hitting shuffle (gotta do it in soundcloud) and hanging out with your homies. (but tracks 1, 4, 12 & 18 <333) Oh, and shout out to The South East Grind for steadily filling our likes & playlists with awesome music.


ft. Astro Nautico

Cracks In The Surface is the product of a globetrotter. Straddling the lines between cult techno, krautrock and synth-punk, it expands the confines of contemporary club, electronic, and experimental musics in the process. Luebs strikes a variety of tones, from resounding and bright to somber and resolute. Inspired by the experience of losing connections with friends and loved ones, Cracks contains as many steps as missteps. Hard-hitting, insistent rhythms fracture and refracture, establishing new funks and unconventional shuffles, while bursts of analog noise bring a level of severity to the polish.” <33

ft. Haywyre

What kind of music does a “haywyre” make you ask?

g u i t a r ❤
dance music?…

Whatever it is that makes this music so damned good is really up to you..
however, WE will be locked on the Thunder Stage for basically all of LiB. and Haywyre is probably in the top 5 acts to catch. (agree to disagree, you’re wrong.)

Just listen to #’s 2,4&5. <3333