Music Is Important

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Bob Marley

Pretty bold thing to do, tell others what to play or listen to.

But for reals, we have to start playing better music.

It shapes who we are.

All I did was google, “music and how”- and it finished my sentence, (thanks Googs!)

here’s the gist of the article

Music and how it affects us:

Pain relief
Reduces blood pressure
Promotes post-stroke recovery
Remedies chronic headaches & migraines
Music boosts immunity
Music enhances intelligence, learning, & IQ

There was a shitload of information there, and I’m more than positive that if I had felt the need to dig more, I’d find more evidence proving how impactful music is to us…but we’re not here to talk about our physical health or clinical trials, this is merely an introduction to the theme of this blog.

Music is fucking important.

The last thing I want for this site is to become walls of text and mad links, so I will end this post with a song that affected my life in a massive way, a few of you may feel the same.

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