What do you mean, mainstream bullshit?

Pretty much 95% of what gets played on the Radio and in bars/clubs. And It’s fucking bullshit. The other 5% you can account for the dying breed of my once beloved FM Radio</3

Yes, once upon a time Lil Jon and The Ying Yang Twins (isn’t it Yin & Yang? See what I mean, dumbing down.) were totally new and fresh.

Shit, I dropped it low, we all did.

But that was then. And this is 2016.

Why are our music tastes stuck on the playlists of better days [more like 15 years ago] past?

I think there is no easy answer to that question, if you can think of one please email us and share.

The point is, we are moving forward constantly.
In all areas of our lives in a million different ways, all the time.
We have never been more technologically advanced than we are today.

So why isn’t the music on TV and the Radio reflective of the times we are living in?
If I hear Montell Jordan – ‘This is How We Do It’ one more fucking time I swear…

I can’t relate to more than half of anything I hear from Drake (who seems to be the only current rapper people know anymore) and I sure can’t relate to #RiRi’s boss A$$ (queen)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discrediting either of these artists I am an early fan of both. What I -am- saying however, is that old Kanye is the best Kanye.

What exactly is the message that the current top artists are conveying to the world? To your kids? If all generations are associated with the music that was popular at the time then count me out, because Kygo sucks.

I wish to be represented justly by the music I listen to and play around my friends and family.
I want to inspire my nephews to play drums and mess with keyboards and break genres.
I want my nieces to learn how to dance expressively to Odesza, not twerk to Nikki Minaj.

We are the food we eat, the water we drink, and the music we listen to.

(I think there might be something in the water)


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