ft. Snowden

Listen to this.

hhnnnngggggg o b s e s s e d with Snowden<3333
(listen to ‘Don’t Really Know Me’ first)

“Jeffares voice soars above the hauntingly icy bass lines and chilly atmospherics. Bombs and death rays, corporate decay, and failed or failing love are just some of the bleak themes the band explore, and their album’s title track might offer the best solution to the hopelessness of it all.”

“The charm of Snowden’s debut is its understated authenticity: Underneath all the accoutrements, these are Jeffares’s bedroom songs, and it’s not hard to extrapolate to their simpler days as anguished acoustic ballads.”
— Village Voice

“The original Snowden taught Yossarian that man is matter– kill us and we’re dead. It’s OK for stylish post-punk to matter, too, and Anti-Anti does so without forgetting to be fun.”
— Pitchfork

“[Anti Anti’s] balance of gloom and grandeur is brilliantly executed, ultimately leaving the listener with an insatiable thirst for more of the same.”
— Drowned In Sound

“For all the discussion of concept, geography, and songcraft, it’s the heart pulsing through the reverb that makes Anti-Anti a must-listen.”
— Stereogum

“It’s clear [Snowden] aren’t willing to just turn on the cruise control through [their] show; the performance is more like a constant pulse between implosion and explosion with each member able to flail or pull back seamlessly.”

“Such tracks as ‘Black Eyes’ prove that Snowden can play uneasy funk as well as its peers, but the music is most interesting when the band goes its own way.”
— Washington Post

“Snowden’s music sounds like Interpol’s dark momentum getting tripped up on the Arcade Fire’s treacherous terrain – lacquered bolts of guitar judder over off-kilter percussion, and anomic vocals blear through the densely layered mix.”
— Paste Magazine

“On ‘Anti-Anti’ Snowden creates plenty more to admire than angry words. To find it, all you have to do is ignore the urge to dance long enough to sit down and listen.”

“Snowden lace their upbeat, catchy guitar stomps with thoughtful lyrics diametrically opposed to mindless hipsterism.”
— Entertainment Weekly

“Anti-Anti is a cyclonic swirl of guitars approximating jet-engine drones, brackish cascades of water emanating from the bottom of a dank cave and shards of tuned barbed-wire.”
— Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“The Cure never delivered gloom so buzzy.”

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