Hey guys…

So, this post is basically for those of you–almost everyone–who haven’t gotten around to the ‘about‘ section or are just simply asking themselves, why?

Why “The New Taste”?
Why this music?
Why you? (you as in me, the curator of this site…just for clarification)

Something to know right away, WE DO NOT LIKE LONG POSTS. Who does, really?

THIS IS A MUSIC BASED WEBSITE. We <333333333333333 music.

That being said here are the as short as humanly possible answers to the aforementioned ?’s:

–Settling on a domain name is, tedious, to say the least. Also, see this post.
Music is what brought all of us here and if you’re reading this, then you most likely “get it”… plus, it’s fun.
–Because I followed the music where it took me…where are you?

Honestly, if you’re even still reading this it’s a blessing to us both. I truly believe that.
We are always right where we are meant to be, and sometimes, the perfect song is playing in the background…

Welcome to The New Taste, we are so happy to have you ❤



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