Future Fridaze Vol. 011

Screenshot 2016-09-09 12.52.07.png

It’s that day of the week again…and is it just me or are they flying by? Probably because it’s the end of summer and that means a bunch of us are grasping at last minute hangs with friends and fam we never actually chilled with at all in the last two months, and festivals are smashing out the last of their dedicated and financially stable campers to any stage they can light a fire on…that being said, it’s a emotionally charged time of year for all those involved.

Here is a dope playlist to impress your homies with while you throwback brews and smoke endless cigarettes on your front porch waiting for the heat to fuck the fuck off.

Artwork courtesy of HXV one of the artists featured on our weekly playlist below, we like to give thanks to those who understand that Art is made to be shared with the world, word up! Stay well friends~




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