Rewind about a year and a half ago…there I am at LiB; wandering around and aimlessly following the music wherever it led me. I found myself more or less alone (it always happens) checking out this little village that was obviously meant to evoke a mid-western/vintage feeling with several separate yet interconnected “mini-stages” each with their own sense of weird artsy-ness going on. I was finishing up my walk through, and from the center stage, there was one girl sitting in her full-on vintage 20s gear playing music from her laptop onto the speaker surrounding this mini made-up world…lo and behold, I am introduced to Popeska.

The point of this story is to remind you that you never really know when great music will find you…all you have to do is stay open to let it in.

That being said, I hope you enjoy Popeska as much as I do. My favourite tracks are 5,1,2 &3. (they’re all amazing) Enjoy and stay well guys.


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