ft. 2016

Holy shit you guys…it’s almost over.

Typically I don’t really remember ‘years‘ for what happened in them or whatever…I can hardly remember what I ate 48 hours ago (probably something with potatoes though).

2016 was an emotional shit storm for yours truly.
A year filled with a rise in my anxiety on a daily basis, and me questioning everyone and everything coming and going from my social circle to the people I saw on the streets.
I’m usually distracted by the changes and “fresh starts” that a New Year tantalizes us with, but this December I just feel happy to be going into the next 365 days with all my limbs and wits about me…

Something I have always been fairly decent or been consistent with is maintaining a playlist of sorts, and around one year ago today I started keeping a log of the songs I have deemed “Best of 2016” entitled, ‘3016’.

So here it is; a cool playlist for your hopeful NYE get together, or any ready-to-get-lit-fest you may have going on this weekend.
These are all songs that either stood out amongst the rest or have been on heavy repeat, getting me through the life-sized obstacle course that was the past year of my life.

From the bottom of my heart to yours, enjoy.



ft. LEViT∆TE

I usually try to post artists that have an appeal to the everyday person.
(meaning I don’t post too much “off-the-wall” content)
That being said, that is quite the extremely boring and safe way to run a blog so I have decided I won’t continue to save face for those who aren’t as open with their music tastes.

As much as I like ambient/chill music and the general upbeat/positive feelings that accompany a lot of the popular electronic stuff you hear at local shows or even festivals; there is a darker side to all of us.
The grittier, less-refined versions of us that we attempt to hide from everyone…the side we keep hidden away in the shadows and torn out pages of journals that we never share, fearing the realities that may come from the judgements of our friends, loved ones, and worse than them, ourselves.

Maybe it’s time to face that part of us that we refuse to give light to. Coming face to face with all the aspects we wish we didn’t see when looking in the mirror, choosing to illuminate our preferred parts instead. We are not only good or bad, we are not always right or wrong, we are both the yin AND the yang, the highs and the lows, the happy and the sad.

Music is not always uplifting. Sometimes it’s angry, sometimes it’s depressing. Sometimes it’s just some crazy alien sounds unlike anything your ears have ever experienced before. Art is something that makes you feel. And as long as you feel something, rest assured that it’s working.

LEViT∆TE is an artist I turn to when I choose to embrace my dark side rather than run the opposite way. His music is bass-heavy and heartfelt, with massive breakdowns and dark undertones that take you on an emotional journey from start to finish and somehow always leaves me with a sense that everything will work itself out in the end. Thanks for reading, enjoy.

ft. Andrew Luce

If music can’t save us what can?

Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic–but what can I say, I am a Nasty, nasty Woman.
Moving on…

You know what I think we all miss? #TRVP. That’s right. Good Old-Fashioned trap music.

If you don’t quite know what Trap is, it’s basically the electronic version of popular (or throwback) rap songs. Plus it’s so much fun to dance to.

Andrew Luce is probably one of the most underrated and upcoming musicians in Electronic right now. Decide for yourself:

That remix of Kid Cudi is available for free by clicking here.
I’d like to stop there but I won’t. If that tickled your fancy, this track is one of my current faves, ft. the unique sound of Ms. Chelsea Cutler.