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I just went on a downloading spree via this week’s “new” artist, AIRWAV.
“New” because he is not new to my SoundCloud feed, but recently stood out with his addictive EP, ‘VIVID‘ (that has since been on repeat, and when it stops I usually re-listen to ‘the void’ & ‘thinkin bout u’). Something about this 5-track EP just make me feel…good. Isn’t that why we listen to music in the first place?

The Daruma artist has quite the array of sounds to choose from, but they all stay true to the futuristic “genre” (I know, I suck) that we all know and love so much. From dirty down low bass with the likes of DIGITAL ETHOS (who may just need his own feature soon)  or upbeat trap vibes with The South East Grind affiliate Enschway, he has something that is sure to delight everyone’s own personal airwaves.

Still waiting on a West Coast tour to experience this DJ Producer live, and I’m sure it won’t be long before I get the chance to headbob/bang to the lively sounds of the NY based AIRWAV. Until that day, I will enjoy his music stored in my iTunes library, downloaded completely for free via the man himself. Now how sweet is that?

Enjoy VIVID below, or click here to stream via Spotify. Thanks for reading, much love!


ft. CRi

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A difficult thing for most North Americans, is to give a chance to something that they aren’t familiar with; a different genre of music, befriending someone you think has nothing in common with you, listening to your opposition with an open set of ears.

How about listening to a song in which you understand none of the lyrics? We are so spoiled in that a lot of foreign artists have conceded in translating their native tongue to English so that we would give them a chance. (see: Selena, Björk, t.A.T.u., ABBA, etc.)
Luckily, I grew up listening to a bunch of shit I couldn’t translate or understand and even though I went to a French immersion school and studied it while living in Canada, my brain has switched to Spanish now being in Southern California, and I couldn’t tell you what ‘Faufile‘ is without my good friend Google.

CRi is literally my new favourite artist. I found him via SoundCloud about a week or so ago and have already listened to all of his songs and three EPs (twice through).
I just checked out his FB and there is a stunning music video (right, what’s a music video?) shot in the snowy, frozen, rocky climate of a small French mining town in CRi’s home province of Québec. Something about this short moving story suggests there may  be something we are all missing from our lives in our busy cities and endless snapchat stories.

An escape to a foreign place is easy with CRi and a set of headphones. The hardest part will be deciding where you want to stay the longest. I am stuck on ‘Keep It Real‘ & ‘My Place‘ off his Someone Else EP (below) and the enchanting remix of ‘Faufile‘ by Charlotte Cardin. Not to mention more than half of his music is available for free download.

*CRies in French*

ft. mbe

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It’s funny how much music interests can change for any given person over the span of a lifetime.

I remember when I was heavy into rap and hip hop years back, when I heard instrumentals they just sounded like half songs, like they were missing something. For some reason I always thought a song needed lyrics. I still feel that way about certain tracks sometimes.
Today, I find that more than half of my music library consists of said “half songs” and ironically, I find they are fuller and carry more meaning than most of the music I hear when I am out and about or from friends. (sorry guys) 

Humbly on a quest to keep our ears satisfied, artist mbe can do both. Here are two of his more recent tracks that I am equally obsessed with:

BUT! my favourite mbe track for the past few months has been ‘praying for you‘ which is available to you for free by clicking here. Take a listen below, it’s dope af.



ft. Satellite Empire

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Something about a woman’s voice, paired with the sound of an electric guitar just does my soul right.

Over the past four years I have been listening to almost solely music of electronic nature, therefore it is super refreshing to hear bands doing what we refer to as, “crossover” where they integrate sounds from different genres of music into something totally their own…(for now at least).

Satellite Empire has an Indie Rock vibe with lots of electronic notes that help create a beautiful audial landscape to accompany the feels delivered by their emotionally driven lyrics. Self genre-lized as Melodic Dubstep/Metalcore on their Facebook, Satellite Empire definitely inspires something much different than any other artists in my music library (which I am slowly but surely building via Spotify).

Their 2016 EP ‘Thrones‘ has been a mainstay for me over the last few months and I can’t seem to get enough of the last song on the short-but-heartfelt album appropriately entitled, Thrones. Enjoy the fantastic sound of Satellite Empire below, and thanks for reading, much love!

**Their entire Thrones EP on Spotify>> here.
**A free download of their song Thrones via Toneden>> here.