ft. CRi

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A difficult thing for most North Americans, is to give a chance to something that they aren’t familiar with; a different genre of music, befriending someone you think has nothing in common with you, listening to your opposition with an open set of ears.

How about listening to a song in which you understand none of the lyrics? We are so spoiled in that a lot of foreign artists have conceded in translating their native tongue to English so that we would give them a chance. (see: Selena, Björk, t.A.T.u., ABBA, etc.)
Luckily, I grew up listening to a bunch of shit I couldn’t translate or understand and even though I went to a French immersion school and studied it while living in Canada, my brain has switched to Spanish now being in Southern California, and I couldn’t tell you what ‘Faufile‘ is without my good friend Google.

CRi is literally my new favourite artist. I found him via SoundCloud about a week or so ago and have already listened to all of his songs and three EPs (twice through).
I just checked out his FB and there is a stunning music video (right, what’s a music video?) shot in the snowy, frozen, rocky climate of a small French mining town in CRi’s home province of Québec. Something about this short moving story suggests there may  be something we are all missing from our lives in our busy cities and endless snapchat stories.

An escape to a foreign place is easy with CRi and a set of headphones. The hardest part will be deciding where you want to stay the longest. I am stuck on ‘Keep It Real‘ & ‘My Place‘ off his Someone Else EP (below) and the enchanting remix of ‘Faufile‘ by Charlotte Cardin. Not to mention more than half of his music is available for free download.

*CRies in French*


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