ft. Summer 2017

Dear reader/searcher of entertainment or perhaps; inquisitor of new music:

I haven’t been there for you like I could have or should have been these past couple months.

And for that, I am truly sorry.

To make amends; I have some feel good music for you that I have been selfishly keeping to myself… so expect more posts to appear throughout your social media feeds as the cool weather creeps into your bones this autumn/winter season. I consider it my solemn duty to keep your ears warm with all the best music I can possibly find to provide.

I am on a personal journey on a daily basis…to become a better me and human being in general. Sometimes life gets too heavy to handle on my own, and the one thing that can pull me out of my self imposed holes of negativity and self doubt (besides my loving family) is music.

How many times has music saved your life in a metaphorical or even literal way?

You are not alone in this.

Music is what binds us throughout seas of separation. Inspires us in times of insidiousness.

This is a useful tool, and all I want to do is share my medicine with you (no sharing of needles necessary)

Thank you for reading, this is in a way,

my diary.

Sincerely yours,



The M Machine

Screenshot 2017-09-07 13.08.35

Music is what moves me. I succumb to it every single time. I love it all… electronically speaking.

The dubstep (yes, dubstep can be good), the chill wave, the funk, the house, the futuristic bass. They all have their intended time, place, and space.

The M Machine is a trio turned duo out of San Francisco, CA who encompass all of the nuances I love so dearly about electronic music today;
lyrics that inspire…making you feel some type of way.
Enticing builds and “drops”.
Poetically placed piano keys and guitar strings,

and melodies that seem to just carry you away.

I have tried all of the ways to escape throughout my life; drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food, friends, money, all of it. None feed my mind and soul the way good music can.

The most recent album from The M Machine is called Glare, and is currently available to stream via Soundcloud and Spotify. Glare was released this past February, and holy shit if you haven’t heard it already you are seriously missing out on some whole-heartedly awesome electronic music.

I have escaped into the world of The M Machine multiple times via this release, including some of its best remixes by artists like WAVEDASH and Shadient, over & over again since I first heard Glare in all its groovy glory.

If you want to fall in love with something you’ve never heard before, press play on the album below. They have everything you’ve been listening for and then some.

I hope you enjoy the music I post. It truly means the world to me. Thank you for reading.