Moving Forward as always, this is one Future Fridaze playlist we are really proud of.
That goes within hand of learning to let go of our Pride…that being said, just press play, vibe out and enjoy.


ft. The Polish Ambassador

Sometimes you find a song that just sums up everything in your life to-date. Been feeling some type of way ever since Memorial Day Weekend, I wonder how many of you might feel the same…

All of Polish’s music is “Name your Price” on his Bandcamp (what a guy!)
and this particular remix of Lynx-Picture is available for free from TAU here.

#TBT ft. Bleep Bloop

For those of you who may or may not have noticed, we skipped last week’s #tbt largely due to the fact it was Cinco de Drinko for all us gringos, but mostly because we were out all night getting down to the likes of one of our fav dj/producers out right now, Bleep Bloop.

Another LiB artist we were stoked to catch in SoCal before the actual festival this month 8 hours north, his set had us dancing and head-banging the whole way through. Not for the faint of heart, Bleep Bloop‘s music is truly out of this world.
(oh, and like 99% free ❤ )