1. having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent:an ardent vow; ardent love. 2. vehement; fierce. 3. burning, fiery, or hot: the ardent core of a star“.

Appropriate, I think.
Yes, it is cheesy to define words and artist names, but words are all we have… wouldn’t you agree?
Words mean a lot to me (or at least I think they do).But sometimes, words fall short. Ever feel something you literally couldn’t describe?
Some people have the incredible capability of conveying their emotions via sound and other electromagnetic waves~

Apply the definition of Ardency to their most recent EP ‘For You, Only‘, and I would gather that these guys feel some type of way about the music they put out.

Personally I have been a fan of Ardency since I first heard their unforgettable 2 track EP: ‘Gradience’. Two plus years later, they are crossing over genres and creating a niche for themselves betwixt edm goers and indie fans alike. Now, with an even more defined sound that spans a multitude of decades, one would find it nearly impossible to try and fit them in any kind of box.

And that’s that shit we do like.
Thanks for reading, enjoy.

ft. Haywyre

What kind of music does a “haywyre” make you ask?

g u i t a r ❤
dance music?…

Whatever it is that makes this music so damned good is really up to you..
however, WE will be locked on the Thunder Stage for basically all of LiB. and Haywyre is probably in the top 5 acts to catch. (agree to disagree, you’re wrong.)

Just listen to #’s 2,4&5. <3333

ft. Autograf

If “Tropical House” was worthy of being a stand alone category of music, Autograf from Chicago are heating things up all over both coasts and everything in between.
Inspiring others to leave their own autographs in space and time, the trio and live instrumentalists have killed it both times I’ve gotten to see them live.
And I got a super cool t-shirt from their last show at The Casbah here in San Diego.

Follow the band for tour updates here.

Thankfully they did all the hard work for us and compiled their hits into this silky smooth playlist below. And if it were possible, we love the guys more for making it available for FREE<333

Go on, pick a song, any song… (Burning Gold with Christina Perri is one of my favs)

ft. Ahh Ooh

If you want to know how to say this name correctly, listen to 2:10 in this beautiful soulful number [which is available free here] by the Detroit based dj/producer, & co-founder of Hebinomichi, Ahh Ooh.

Currently killin’ the scene at SXSW in Austin, TX this week,
the guitar enthusiast is almost single-handedly bringing back not only the 80’s synth vibe but along with it, Disco.

Trust me.

Insanely talented and always playing shows I don’t know how he found the time to produce this magical EP Journey Prime.
and for f r e e <33

Breaking the boundaries of multiple genres with such a tangible ease, Ahh Ooh is straight up killin’ the game. And they’re all my favourites<3