ft: Seven Lions

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It’s not always about finding the wettest behind-the-ear, up-and-coming 16 yr-old artist…sometimes there are producers that came out way back when and just so happen to still be killin’ it. (see; KASKADE, Flume, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, etc…)

One of those DJs for me is Seven Lions.
And with 3.65M followers on Soundcloud alone, he sure isn’t hurting for any more blog coverage. Doesn’t bother me any, because he just released yet another beautiful track showcasing that classic bass-heavy, dreamscapy glitch sound that I can only ever seem to find from a few people that’s done so well.

One of the first artists to get me into genres like dubstep and trance, I will always have a soft spot in my heart and ears for his tunes.

Some artists are just like a fine wine ya’ know? Enjoy his newest single and one of his best remixes below. Thanks for reading.



ft. Autograf

If “Tropical House” was worthy of being a stand alone category of music, Autograf from Chicago are heating things up all over both coasts and everything in between.
Inspiring others to leave their own autographs in space and time, the trio and live instrumentalists have killed it both times I’ve gotten to see them live.
And I got a super cool t-shirt from their last show at The Casbah here in San Diego.

Follow the band for tour updates here.

Thankfully they did all the hard work for us and compiled their hits into this silky smooth playlist below. And if it were possible, we love the guys more for making it available for FREE<333

Go on, pick a song, any song… (Burning Gold with Christina Perri is one of my favs)

ft. Chet Faker

Many of you may already know who Chet Faker is but for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 4 years, dude is one of Future Classic.‘s finest and is bringing back soul with a force only to be compared with/to the likes of his homie and Electronic game-changer, Flume. Built On Glass is available on iTunes here.

I will be at Lightning In A Bottle (aka LiB) this year, will you?

Chet Faker is one of the acts I am most excited to catch.
Hear why: