ft. Andrew Luce

If music can’t save us what can?

Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic–but what can I say, I am a Nasty, nasty Woman.
Moving on…

You know what I think we all miss? #TRVP. That’s right. Good Old-Fashioned trap music.

If you don’t quite know what Trap is, it’s basically the electronic version of popular (or throwback) rap songs. Plus it’s so much fun to dance to.

Andrew Luce is probably one of the most underrated and upcoming musicians in Electronic right now. Decide for yourself:

That remix of Kid Cudi is available for free by clicking here.
I’d like to stop there but I won’t. If that tickled your fancy, this track is one of my current faves, ft. the unique sound of Ms. Chelsea Cutler.


ft. JKuch

Screenshot 2016-06-20 18.53.01
It’s been quite some time since I found an artist that wooed me with all of their tracks.

Enter: JKuch.

I personally haven’t stopped listening to Wood On Fire for days. And his remix of  A-1 & Carmack’s ‘BRE’ will have you head-bobbing at bare minimum. All of his songs are available for FREE, (just a couple clicks on his Soundcloud) and be sure to check back regularly for any updates, because this is one producer we have our eyes & ears fixed on.

ft. MC Friendly

aka MCF. This dude is in MY OPINION bringing back hip hop. His flow is instantly gravitating, just pretend like your homie is talking to you and he will seem like the dopest friend you never had.

I first heard this song ft. Nortroniks [aka Norty]

oh I don’t know…a year or two ago?

If you like rap and hip-hop in your core like I do, then listen to this:

Now if that sounded pretty cool to you, then so will this whole EP with Nortroniks under the moniker Obese Ghost Children  […again, with the name creativity +1]

Who said hip-hop was dead?

I personally love it all but tracks 1,3,&4 are especially sick.